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Your credit history is one important factor that will determine your eligibility for a particular loan. Banks and other financial institutions are reluctant to lend money to people with a credit score below 550. They consider this to be the threshold below which the chances of defaulting on repayment are high. But nowadays there are lenders who are ready to offer you loans without doing a credit check. They enable you to loan the money required to meet your emergency financial needs without the hassle of the lender determining your eligibility for the loan based on your credit score. You can get the loan approved by providing the required details to the lender and get the money transferred to your account the very next day. You can opt for short term or long term loans. A payday loan is one of the most common types of no credit check loan offered by a lender. The amount will vary depending on the lender and your financial status and credit worthiness.

Locating a lender

You can browse the internet to find many websites offering information on no credit check loan lenders. You will be able to find an apt lender who is best suited to meet your loan requirements. You can also check around for a reputed lender with your friends and acquaintances.

Eligibility criteria

Persons having a bad credit are eligible for a no credit check loan only if they fulfill certain criteria, namely:

•    You must have a monthly income
•    You must be 18 years of age or above
•    You must have some collateral to pledge
•    You must have a verifiable residential address
•    You should have a checking or savings account for monetary transactions
Documents required

You will have to provide proofs regarding your identity, employment facts, salary information, age and social security number when you apply for a no credit check loan. You will also have to produce documents to prove that you have been in employment for at least six months. You can get your loan approved immediately after the lender verifies these documents and ascertains that it is all in order.

When going for a no credit check loan, you will have to offer some type of collateral like a car or a house to compensate for the lack of good credit.

Facts about no credit check loans

No credit checks loan lenders usually charge a higher rate of interest to cover the risk they undertake.

If you are not able to repay the loan within the stipulated time, most lenders allow you to apply for an extension. However, the associated late payment charges and penalties are very high. Hence it is advisable to repay the loan amount in the stipulated time.

If you want to loan a large sum, having a co-signer will help in speeding up the approval process.

While applying for a no credit check loan from a lender, always ensure that you have the means to repay the loan within the stipulated time frame. Always take a loan amount you actually require, so that you will be able to repay in time and improve your credit score.

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